ICLC is stand for Innovation Center Leader Club. Every member help to improve innovation in our school. My role is Master Thinker  and it’s mean I help to think of new ideas and help everyone when they’re need help about the material. Currently I was working on one project and that project is about turning from RC car to RC boat by using the part from RC car. I chose master thinker because I want to improve the world by building some new cool thing like flying car. Those are my dream someday I wish I could help the world better but now i’m just 13 years old boy. 


The book that give me a lot of ideas

Exploration – Master 3D plan

image4 image7

Welcome to the first sharation of this school year. My name is Niron and I am a member of the Visitor Information Palace team. If you come this way I will take you to the VIP for more information.
Our exploration has taken a shipping container and turned it into a welcome center. We hope you have a wonderful time today experiencing and learning about our projects. This is the special Exploration.
We made our school model from the 3D printer and my job was to build a Teacher Apartments. There were many challenges like print the wrong size but our teacher helped us. Also I helps to design the signs like that sign there (path & car). If you continue walking you will see the mural on the wall of the VIP.  I painted that mural with my other friends and with our Khmer dance teacher. Now if you want to see our school model and for more information you can go to the VIP. Thank you so much!