PSAT 2017

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To prepare for the SAT, our facilitators decided that we all should take the PSAT from Khan Academy. This event happened on the 14th of October. Many students weren’t prepared for this, but this is just to give us the feeling of what it’s like to take a four-hour test of which we’ve never experienced before. Being apart of this event really helped me map out what I should be studying to achieve my goals.

About Me


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Hello there! Niron Chhlom is my name that was given by my parents. Currently, I’m living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. But I was raised in a peaceful province, Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia. Drawing has always been in my heart ever since I was a child. Family to me is, the diamond that locked in my chest and the only key for it is happiness.


White paper and a pencil are what I enjoy using.  I would draw when there is free time even though I knew that my drawing isn’t good. As time gone on, I felt like I’ve formed quite a relationship with my pencil and a sheet of paper. Most people tell themselves that, drawing is just a piece of art. To me, it is an alternative way of expressing what you feel and what you see.


After Liger Learning Academy discovered me as a student, I started to enroll in drawing more and more. Afterward, I began to think about turning my drawing into action and that’s where I joined the Animation Exploration. It got me thinking that I don’t just stop here I must bring what I got to the next level. Through inspiration and motivation by my friends and family, my drawing knowledge and skills kept increasing through day by day.


Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been an anxious person and there is a wall the divided me from the public. Coming of age got me thinking more about who I am and open my eyes bigger to not be shy from the public.

Modern Day Physics

Space, stars, galaxies, black-holes and more; these are just a few of the topics in which we try to understand by ready articles. In the second we of our Expertise, we read an article about, “Neutro-Star Collision.” In physics class, we learned about Kinematic, 2D Motion, Inclined Plane and more, but in this class, I can get a chance to illuminate my curiosity.  Below you can find the article we read….

Physics 2017 – 2018

This year in physics, we mainly focus on, “Motion.” Inclined Plane with Friction is one of the topics that seems struggle to everyone.  With the help of our facilitator, we can comprehend it. There are also micro lessons that we need to learn in order to understand the macro in this case which is,  “Inclined Plane with Friction.”

Khmer Research – បុណ្យភ្ជំុបិណ្ឌ

In Khmer class this year, we mainly focus on researching. On the first week or our essential, we got into groups of five to do some research on Phcum Ben, which is one of our holidays. In this case, we have to research then present to the class. The information on this project, our group research based on this question:

What is Phcum Ben?

When is it happening?

Why we need to have this event?

What is the history of Phcum Ben?

What do people do on Phcum ben?

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Change Cambodia 2016 – 2017


Have you ever wondered why you were born in your country? Is it your destiny to change your country? If that is the case, I believed that I can change my country, Cambodia. Growing up, we pictured our-self as who we are in the future, a doctor, a teacher, an engineer or even a millionaire. However, we were just kids who kept dreaming big. Unfortunately, we’re older, we have more decisions to make and to bring the dream of changes to reality. But, is it possible to change your country? Mike Jaffe once said, “ Small steps lead to big changes.” This is so true. If you can’t change your country now don’t be upset because if you plant an apple tree today it won’t give you apples tomorrow. So, the best way to start it is to plant it first and water it along the way, Give your full effort to make your dream become reality. In this year of 2016 – 2017, I’ve seen myself bringing changes to the country with Liger as the ladder to support my steps.


During my life, as a citizen of Cambodia, I can see some points that I wanted to implement my ideas into. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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Change Cambodia 2014 – 2015

First, i’m just a small kid and I want to change Cambodia. To change a country is really hard so I need to start with a smaller step. I have notice Cambodia has a lot of problems. My first solution is I need to change people’s thinking. Also to change people’s thinking it really hard but we’ll try by teaching the small kid to be a good person. So in the future, they know what is bad and what is good. Some solution I couldn’t do but I would like to share. The first solution is we could make an activity and call the villager come to listen to us and I know some people don’t like to come and listen, instead, we can spend some money to buy something for them. I know it will cost some money but some of this money is less than the future. Now there is one group have written books animals of Cambodia, that is a good idea to change the people at the countryside because most people live in the countryside, they hunt animals for sale or for feed their family. Now I had tried to encourage other be trip and sharation. I had learned from Liger a lot and I already start to change my family first then we I’ll try to change my neighborhood. I know everyone wants to have a happy life but they never think how to make their life be happy. Every village wants to have a good education but they never think how to make a good education. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child but in the future, I will become a man I will put childish away. I hope everyone can change Cambodia to be a better country.