Change Cambodia 2016 – 2017


Have you ever wondered why you were born in your country? Is it your destiny to change your country? If that is the case, I believed that I can change my country, Cambodia. Growing up, we pictured our-self as who we are in the future, a doctor, a teacher, an engineer or even a millionaire. However, we were just kids who kept dreaming big. Unfortunately, we’re older, we have more decisions to make and to bring the dream of changes to reality. But, is it possible to change your country? Mike Jaffe once said, “ Small steps lead to big changes.” This is so true. If you can’t change your country now don’t be upset because if you plant an apple tree today it won’t give you apples tomorrow. So, the best way to start it is to plant it first and water it along the way, Give your full effort to make your dream become reality. In this year of 2016 – 2017, I’ve seen myself bringing changes to the country with Liger as the ladder to support my steps.


During my life, as a citizen of Cambodia, I can see some points that I wanted to implement my ideas into. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

In my mind, I can see the education of Cambodia as the pinpoint to implement my ideas and yet, I’m not the expert on the education system in Cambodia. But I can assure you that with the help from Liger, we all can make it possible.


Throughout this year, there is an exploration that pops up into my mind when income to changes and it is Change Agent. In this exploration, we were trying to find change agents through the world to contact and interview them so that they could share experience and give tips for young Cambodian. Once we got the information, we can post it on our blog and social media. At the end of every exploration, there is an event that happens in my school and it’s called Sharation. It is an event where each exploration share what they’ve done and we invite people to come to our school. As the event is happening, I and my team were sharing all the information from the interview we have done. The more we share the information the better the information will spread throughout the country.


As I’ve mentioned about exploration, this exploration did more than I expected. The trajectory of this exploration is to understand how ecosystem services affected by climate change. Apart from this project-based-learning, we went to Koh Rong island which locates in Southwest of Cambodia. In the trip, we presented to the villagers in two villages around Koh Rong island. We did a presentation about lightning since there is an increase in lightning around the island. We presented about how to avoid lightning strikes. By doing presentation we can show those young generations.


Education is my number priority of changing Cambodia but I haven’t mentioned anything related education yet. If you think deeply, those presentation skills, those interviewing skills, and the project-based-learning program are the factor that I’m wanting it to be a part of Cambodia’s education curriculum. I’m looking forward to the exploration where I can make the curriculum for Cambodia’s education system.

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