Physics Behind the Black Panther’s Suit

How Black Panther’s suit work?


Marvel mentioned that Black Panther’s suit  made out of a fictional element called, “Vibranium.” The only fact we knew about Vibranium is that it has the ability absorb and redirect kinetic energy. But how can Vibranium absorbed and redirect kinetic energy?  


Let’s say someone is shooting at Black Panther. Now, the bullet that came out of the gun is moving and it has some momentum. So, the mass of the bullet is moving at a certain velocity in a certain direction. What’s more? The bullet is in motion and loaded with energy; we describe energy in motion as, “Kinetic Energy(or KE).”


When the bullet impact the suit the energy has to go somewhere as the law of conservation of energy stated, “the total energy of an isolated system remains constant, it is said to be conserved over time and energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.” So where do all of  the energy go? First, let’s look at what type of collision between the bullet and the suit.


For elastic collision, the kinetic energy is conserved but for the inelastic collision, “kinetic energy is not conserved due to the action of internal friction.” In our real world, there is no elastic collision (at least within our human sight).  So, the collision between the bullet and the suit must be an inelastic collision.


So what happened during the collision? Well, the suit would bend or deformed even on a microscopic scale and it would take energy to transform into another form of energy to do this. In our world, “It takes energy to physically change or deform some material and most of that energy is lost through internal friction or that material’s atoms.” What if Vibranium could absorb and store KE in the deformation.  Let’s take a peek at a spring. If we would push the spring, it will be compressed in some distance. To compress the spring it would take some energy and where does the energy go? The energy would be stored in the compressed spring as elastic potential energy. What if Black Panther’s suit is made out of billions of billions of billions of billions of molecular springs using Vibranium’s atom. Every impact the Black Panther experienced, the springs would absorb all of the kinetic energy and store it as elastic potential energy.


Anyway, one thing that we didn’t consider is the reaction of the object that Black Panther applies the force to. In Newton’s third law of motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So if Black Panther would apply some force to the car then he would have the same amount of force that applies to him. Take a look at this clip.


Even though the energy is not conserved, but the momentum is conserved. So the Black Panther would have some momentum toward him.


All of the above is possible in our physical world or at least in the near future but one thing that we unable to explain is, How can Black Panther release the energy at once? Could he have some button to press? This is the part where we uncertain about.

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Literacy: Ancient Civilization

In this literacy unit, we are focusing on ancient civilization. Specifically, we were studying ancient Greece gods and goddesses. Based on this theme, each student has to pick a god, a goddess or a monster from the myth of ancient Greece. From all the list of gods, goddesses or monsters, I picked Medusa.

To depict information we had researched about the character we choose, we had to do some projects that encompass, research paper, character profile, discussion questions, etc.

In this post, I’m sharing my research paper about Medusa.


Medusa Myth

Niron Chhlom


Imagine the power of turning anyone into stone with only a gaze. This lethal power possessed by Medusa, the Gorgon, who has venomous snakes as hair locks, skin with green scales and a hideous appearance.


Most sources described her as the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto the Sea Titans. She had two sisters, Stheno and Euryale, who were immortals but unfortunately, Medusa herself was mortal. Surprisingly, out of all, Medusa was the brainy one and her name indicated she was the queen of her sisters. Some sources claimed, Medusa lived and died on the island named Sarpedon. But some others claimed her home was Libya. During her life, Medusa vowed to celebrate her entire life as a priestess of Athena.


Despite the fact that she was a gorgon, she was the symbol of protection. She was on the breastplate of Alexander the Great. Even until today, two species of snakes were named after her. Most sculptors and vase-painter envisaged her as beautiful as well as petrifying. On the other hand, in feminism, she symbolized rage.


The legend of Medusa derived from many sources but mainly Ovid (the Roman poet). Her story goes, she was a priestess of Athena and her beauty was so captivating that it captured Poseidon’s heart. Unfortunately for her, she got raped by Poseidon in the Athena Temple that enraged Athena who then cursed Medusa to a hideous gorgon…


Who once had gorgeous hair that intoxicates men.

Who once has pure white milky skin that reflects any light.

Who once has beautiful eyes that were very captivating.

Who once gorgeous, exquisite and beauteous.


As the story continues, Perseus, a demigod,  decapitated Medusa and gave her head(that still possess the same power) to Athena who then put it on her shield as a protection.


Although Medusa was widely known as a hideous monster, she still earned her spot as a protector. What’s more surprising is the fact that she had her, “profile engraved on the coin of the reign of Seleucus I Nicator of Syria from 312-280 B.C”.


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Independent Discovery: Architecture

In my architecture independent study, I found a 2D contemporary house on Google and try to replicate it in 3D. Soon after, I created a 3D model of it using Sketchup. In fact, creating my first 3D model was not easy, due to lack of knowledge and experience in the software I’m using. Although this was kind of challenging, I found some resources on the internet and managed to grab a few of the tips and tricks to get the designing processing flowing. Additionally, I’m planning on making the same model from paper materials just to see the tangible model that I designed in Sketchup.

Aside from my current project, I look forward to future projects as I’m trying to grasp foundation in architecture.

Screenshot of my design.


Angkor Wat – Running and Biking

On December 2nd of 2017, a group of Liger students participated in a #bike4kids biking experience around the ancient temples at Seim Reap. For some, it was their first time but for some others, it was their second times.  On a subsequent day, we also participated in a 10km run. Initially, we’re trained for the half-marathon, but due to time-constrained, we weren’t able to get enough training so we joined the 10km run. There were more than 5000 participants including 15 students from our school. Surprisingly, it took me 57 minutes to complete, which is what I didn’t expect because I expected I would run slower than that but most importantly, it was my first 10km run.  

Physics Behind Bottle Flipping

Besides learning new concepts, in Physics we did a research about, Physics Behind Everyday Lives. To explain my curiosity, I did a research about physics behind bottle flipping. Even though it is a simple topic but there a lot of unexplained things that I’ve never known before. Here is my presentation.

Alternative Book Ending

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This is an alternative ending to a book called, ” The Crossover.” In fact, it is also one of the books that I enjoy reading.  Below you will find the alternative ending to the book I wrote.


Along the way to the basketball game inside the car, everyone was quiet as a statue. Finally, Josh and JB arrived the court to play their last game of the season. While Josh and JB were late to their basketball game, Mr. and Mrs. Bell were heading to the bleachers. Josh and JB went straight to the bench and got ready to join the warm-up with their teammates. Coach yelled from five seats away, “You two are late again! Get ready to warm up!” Josh replied, “Yes coach!” Since the incident happened between JB and Josh, JB hadn’t spoken a word to Josh even though his mom tries to persuade JB that it was just an incident, but JB isn’t the amenable person. Training was over, everyone gathered up in front of the coach, and as coach delivering speeches to everyone, Josh always looks at JB, and his eyes were spelling the word, “sorry” but JB didn’t even give a glance back at Josh.

Everyone was ready for the game, except Josh and JB because they still got their head in their dad’s situation. Before the game started, Josh looked at the bleachers for his parents and unfortunately, he couldn’t locate them anywhere around the bleachers. Josh kept looking at each of the exits, and he caught his parents going through one of the doorways. “Josh! Put your head in the game!” Coach yelled. The team was going to the court, but coach stopped Josh and gave him a private speech, “Josh, put your head in the game man, we’re going to lose if you and your twin are not communicating.” Josh nodded with a worried look. Josh joined the team and gathered everyone including his brother.

Game started.
The clock is TICKING!
A FaKe left and past RighT to JB
JB turn
Jump ‘n
The basket goes SWOOSH!!!!
This is not an easy game.

The clock buzzed, the third quarter was done, they’re down to 46 and 38, coach gathered everyone. Josh was still thinking about his parent. Surprisingly, JB came in and asked Josh, “What’s going to happen to dad?” Josh worriedly reply, “Not sure bro, let’s hope our dad is okay.” The ref whistled, and everyone backed in the court,

JB, chest passed to Josh
Josh, behind the back and crossed right, opponent’s ankles broke
And up head passed to Vondie
Vondie passed to JB for THREE!
The clock is ticking for the last 25 seconds this final season game. The crowd was roaring, the ball was bouncing, and the players were screaming, JB was thinking, Josh was staring at JB. Two opponents were coming up to Josh. He bounced passed to JB.
The score is 77 to 75
JB quick pass to Vondie closed down by two defends, Behind-the-back-pass to Josh, 15 seconds to the buzzer
Josh Triple TREAT
GO left
Behind the BACK
BETWEEN the legs
A blind pass to JB in the open space.
JB got the court to himself, 5 seconds left.
JB rises straight, aiming for the trajectory to the basket
The crowd was silent as a big empty building
Nothing but net!
JB the buzzer beater!
The game ended, 77 to 78, the Wild Cat won!
After the game, Josh and JB rushed through the exit and ran to the hospital for a 100m nearby the school, and quickly asking people for the emergency room and dashed through the door to the emergency room. There they found their mom waiting outside the room.

With the twins praying for their dad and holding their mom’s hands from both sides. After 10 minutes, a doctor came out with a small smile on her face. “His condition is better right now, but further treatment is needed.”

A month later, Mr. Chuck Bell recovered, and even though he now has no problem with patella tendonitis, he chooses to be a basketball coach for the Wildcat and a coaching consultant. As always, after school, before dinner, the boys and Mr. Bell would go to the park and practice basketball.

PSAT 2017

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To prepare for the SAT, our facilitators decided that we all should take the PSAT from Khan Academy. This event happened on the 14th of October. Many students weren’t prepared for this, but this is just to give us the feeling of what it’s like to take a four-hour test of which we’ve never experienced before. Being apart of this event really helped me map out what I should be studying to achieve my goals.

About Me


Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, tree, outdoor and nature

Hello there! Niron Chhlom is my name that was given by my parents. Currently, I’m living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. But I was raised in a peaceful province, Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia. Drawing has always been in my heart ever since I was a child. Family to me is, the diamond that locked in my chest and the only key for it is happiness.


White paper and a pencil are what I enjoy using.  I would draw when there is free time even though I knew that my drawing isn’t good. As time gone on, I felt like I’ve formed quite a relationship with my pencil and a sheet of paper. Most people tell themselves that, drawing is just a piece of art. To me, it is an alternative way of expressing what you feel and what you see.


After Liger Learning Academy discovered me as a student, I started to enroll in drawing more and more. Afterward, I began to think about turning my drawing into action and that’s where I joined the Animation Exploration. It got me thinking that I don’t just stop here I must bring what I got to the next level. Through inspiration and motivation by my friends and family, my drawing knowledge and skills kept increasing through day by day.


Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been an anxious person and there is a wall the divided me from the public. Coming of age got me thinking more about who I am and open my eyes bigger to not be shy from the public.

Modern Day Physics

Space, stars, galaxies, black-holes and more; these are just a few of the topics in which we try to understand by ready articles. In the second we of our Expertise, we read an article about, “Neutro-Star Collision.” In physics class, we learned about Kinematic, 2D Motion, Inclined Plane and more, but in this class, I can get a chance to illuminate my curiosity.  Below you can find the article we read….

Physics 2017 – 2018

This year in physics, we mainly focus on, “Motion.” Inclined Plane with Friction is one of the topics that seems struggle to everyone.  With the help of our facilitator, we can comprehend it. There are also micro lessons that we need to learn in order to understand the macro in this case which is,  “Inclined Plane with Friction.”