Animal Guide

For this past months, we’ve been out to different tropical places around Cambodia. The purpose of doing so is to gather information about species of animals. But the primary goal of this exploration is to publish a book about different species of Cambodia animals. There also alternative ways of gathering information, such as online resources, experts, and printed resources. It took us about 6 months to publish the book. The paintings inside were originally painted by the Liger Leadership Academy students. Below is the cover of our book called, The Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia

Image result for the illustrated guide to the wildlife of cambodia

Entrepreneurship (Chili Sauce Business)

We are the Entreneurship group which we try to learn and create our own chili sauce business and there are four round and my group is the second round. Basicly in our group we devided into three group and they’re Marketing, Prouction and Market Research. I’m in Market Research which mean I research about packaging and customer and other stuff. Mostly I try to design logos, labels and bottle.


Project Evaluation

Project evaluation is one of the exploration that we have and right now we are evaluating on the topic: Are PBL and STEM project doabe in government school or not. We did this because to help government decision to think about the PBL and STEM should continue in government school or not. So we collaborate with another two exploration which is about STEM and PBL. We try to put this project into two school, one in Phnom Penh and another one in Kratie. So our evaluation team try to evaluate this project. We have two mentors that help us and teach us about how to evaluate and we only have 5 members in our group.


One of my mentor and my two friend asking students.

Exploration – Master 3D plan

image4 image7

Welcome to the first sharation of this school year. My name is Niron and I am a member of the Visitor Information Palace team. If you come this way I will take you to the VIP for more information.
Our exploration has taken a shipping container and turned it into a welcome center. We hope you have a wonderful time today experiencing and learning about our projects. This is the special Exploration.
We made our school model from the 3D printer and my job was to build a Teacher Apartments. There were many challenges like print the wrong size but our teacher helped us. Also I helps to design the signs like that sign there (path & car). If you continue walking you will see the mural on the wall of the VIP.  I painted that mural with my other friends and with our Khmer dance teacher. Now if you want to see our school model and for more information you can go to the VIP. Thank you so much!   


Tropical Forest Ecology


Name: Tropical Forest Ecology

Date: May 5 2014 – June 17 2014

Number of People: 12

Essential Questions:

  1. How are organisms and the nonliving environment interconnected in the world around us?
  2.  What is the value of tropical forest ecosystems for Cambodia?
  3. How do humans impact tropical forest ecosystems in Cambodia? Is it possible to use tropical forests sustainably?

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Newspaper Description


Exploration Name: Newspapers

Exploration Dates: October 7 to November 19

Number of students: 12

Essential Questions:

(1) Why do we have newspapers?

(2) Historically, what have newspapers sought to do?

(3) How is the purpose enhanced or diminished by external factors (freedom of speech, infrastructure)?

(4) What do reporters do and what are their ethical responsibilities?

(5) What is the process of creating a newspaper from start to finish? What role does technology play?


In our newspaper class we had a lot of hard things to do but there were fun things to do too. The first thing we did was get introduced to some of the old and famous newspapers. Later on we got the name of one of the newspapers and did the research in pairs or groups.

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Toys Description

Exploration Name: Simple Machines (Toys)

Exploration Dates: August 12 – September 26

Number of students: 13

Essential Questions:

1. What are simple machines?

2. What is mechanical advantage?

3. How can simple machines be used to create engaging interactive toys and why is toy creation a powerful form of learning?

Description: In our Exploration class we learned about simple machines and how to make toys using cams (it is like a circle, like wheel and axle) + simple machines. Simple machines can make some jobs easier to do. We learned about wedges, levers, pulleys, inclined planes, gears, screws, wheels and axles. Each of these things have different advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading “Toys Description”