Khmer Poem.

Since last year, we had been writing poems about different topics and the start of this year, we started to conduct all of those poems into a book. With students who were working on editing the book, editing the poems and do writing pieces, the book came out well and made its first debut at the Khmer Literature festival. A poem is a way of communicating or expressing one’s idea through writing or dictating in rhymes and rhythm. It was a feeling of sensation and nostalgia when reading some of my friends’ poem.

Khmer Research – បុណ្យភ្ជំុបិណ្ឌ

In Khmer class this year, we mainly focus on researching. On the first week or our essential, we got into groups of five to do some research on Phcum Ben, which is one of our holidays. In this case, we have to research then present to the class. The information on this project, our group research based on this question:

What is Phcum Ben?

When is it happening?

Why we need to have this event?

What is the history of Phcum Ben?

What do people do on Phcum ben?

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Khmer Marine Life Scripts

In this class we make script that tells people about marine life.

សាលាអន្តរជាតិ ឡៃហ្គ័រ

SCRIPT អំពី: ព្រៃកោងកាង

ឈ្មោះ សិស្ស : ១)  ចាន់  ដាវីឌ –  ២)  ឆ្លមសេរី និរ្តនរ – ៣) ពេជ្រ សុវណ្ណនូ


និរន្តរ : ប៉ាអើយប៉ា! ថ្ងៃនេះបា៉ នាំខ្ញុំហើយនឹងចែទៅណាទៅប៉ា?

ដាវីឌ :  អូ កូនប្រុស! ថ្ងៃនិងហាស់ ប៉ានិងនាំកូនហើយនិងមីចែកូនឯង ទៅលេងកន្លែងមួយដែលប៉ាធានាថា ពួកកូនទាំងពីរនិង


សុវណ្ណនូ :  អួយបា៉! ទៅណាទៅណ៎?

និរន្តរ : អួយចែ! ចែអែងសួរច្រើនមេ៉ស ប៉ាយើង តែគាត់ថាពិសេសគឺពិសេសហើយ! កំុសួរច្រើនពេក។

ដាវីឌ : អើ អើ!  តោះយើងទៅ!

និរន្តរ : ប៉ា?  អាវេងៗនោះ ហើយនៅក្នុងទឹកនិងគឺជាអ្វីទៅប៉ា?

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